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Dominic is the author of the Twin Worlds trilogy that follows Kal and Daine in their epic battle against the Reaper - all three volumes are now available from Novel Concept Publishing. He cites writers such as Tolkien, Pullman, Martin and Bernard Cornwell and time spent in China, India, Nepal and Latin America as his major inspirations...

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The release of Stephen King's new novel Joyland last week was preceded by the author's decision to release it in hard copy only. It strikes me as a bizarre move on a number of levels and one I cannot quite get my head around. After all this was the guy who released Riding the Bullet in 2000 in e-book only. People called him a pioneer.

What has changed?

One theory is that he wants to put two fingers up at the giant e-retailers like Amazon who have been squeezing publishers' margins. Indeed when interviewed about the decision he...

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The Chamber The Chamber (Twin Worlds trilogy, #1)
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ratings: 6 (avg rating 4.00)

The Black Gate The Black Gate (Twin Worlds trilogy, #2)
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ratings: 1 (avg rating 4.00)


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