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Though separated by nearly 400 years, London-based writer Dominic H. King is hoping that bloodlines from ancestor Jonathan Swift are evident in his new release, The Reaper, the final instalment of his Twin Worlds trilogy. The trilogy follows Kal and Daine, a boy and a girl in their late teens, who are thrown together to battle the Reaper, an evil, menacing presence who started a war a generation before.

“When published in 1726, Gulliver's Travels was really fantasy, science fiction for its time,” said King, who is related to Jonathan Swift by way of his mother’s side of the family. “I think that he would be pleased in my following in his footsteps.”

Told in alternating chapters between the two main protagonists, the Twin Worlds trilogy is an epic tale of swords and sorcery; travel and adventure; love and loss; good and evil. But most of all, a tale of adolescence and growing up. The series has been well received by readers: The Chamber (2012) and The Black Gate (2013) have already received a number of positive reviews on Amazon.

King Continued: “The love of adventure and fantasy is in my blood. My grandmother on the Swift side of the family read The Lord of Rings to me when I was about eight and after that I was hooked. I grew up reading the Redwall series by Brian Jacques and the Deptford Histories by Robin Jarvis, my favourite board game was called Fantasy Forest. But I think His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman is the best fantasy series I have ever read. His books are what I aspire to."

With Game of Thrones author George RR Martin admitting that the TV series may be finished before he ties together the last two novels, the pressures of pulling fantasy epics together has been in the spotlight. The world created by King is not quite on the scale of Westeros but he does credit Martin with dragging fantasy into the mainstream.

King continued: "Game of Thrones has been a real game changer. Before it came out lots of people I spoke with about my book simply said 'sorry, I don't like fantasy'. Then 'Thrones' hit our screens and these same people cannot stop talking about it. 'But it's historical fiction' they tell me. I have to inform that it can’t be as none of it ever really happened. Now they are giving my books a second chance."

To obtain a free e-copy of The Reaper or the rest of the The Twin Worlds trilogy for 'read and review', please go to: King's website

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July 23, 2015

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